June, 03. 2018

Preparation for the 32. Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftliches Kolloquium (FFK) in Potsdam begins, a colloquium for the latest researches and results in film studies. Together with fabulous fellow members including Frédérique Dubois (
www.netzdoku.org), we will try to reflect about a new and extended understanding of cinematic and artistic liberty in interaction with scientific procedures.


April, 24. 2018

February 02. 2018.

I am part of the selection committee of the film festival "kurzsüchtig".

January 09. 2018.

Workshop / Film festival  BLICKE ↔ REGIME
An event within the frame of the project

Cultural Memory in the Present

17. 01. 2018
Luru Kino 4 pm
Spinnereistrasse 77 
04179 Leipzig (D)

4 pm  HABITAT (2016) 1h 19 Min.
Emerson Culurgioni and Jonas Matauschek

5:30 pm  SEEFEUER (2016) 1h 54 Min.
Gianfranco Rosi

7 pm LES SAUTEURS – THOSE WHO JUMP(2016) 1h 22 Min.
Abou Bakar Sidibé, Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner

9 pm Talk with Emerson Culurgioni and Jonas Matauschek (Directors Habitat)
xwConception & presentation: Nicolas Rossi


"Habitat", Emerson Culurgioni & Jonas Matauschek, 2017

08. 2018.


© Nils Klinger, VG-Bildkunst/Bonn, 2017

Lecture & Artist Talk / Angela Melitopoulos
Cartography and cinematic narratives
Temporal Disorder

08. 01. 2018

GfZK Leipzig (Auditorium)
Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11
04107 Leipzig (D


October 30. 2017.

Happy to get a scholarship from the Kulturstiftung Sachsen for 2018. And the best comes here: Four of six scholarships were given to members of FILZ (Stephanie Schroeder, Emerson Culurgioni and Nick Teplov)!!!

Continuing the next temporal disorder-episodes, Clemens v. Wedemeyer and me invite the artists Alex Gerbaulet and Johannes Gierlinger, both young essay film makers. >>> LINK


September 14. 2017.

Finally, our documentary Three paths is finished: what a huge work! Synopsis… LINK


June 16. 2017.

MADE IN ALGERIA is short listed for the DOK Leipzig: good flow !

June 14. 2017.

June 01. 2017.

Upcoming festival screening of MADE IN ALGERIA (LINK): Les rencontres internationales Berlin, June 13-18, Haus der Kulturen der Welt >>>

May 16. 2017.

What a great evening, what a great person: thanks to Kevin B. Lee!


May 02. 2017.

Together with Clemens v. Wedemeyer, I have the honor to get the video essayist Kevin B. Lee as my guest within the frame of the next temporal disorder-episode. Until April 2017, Lee was the first fellow at the Harun Farocki-archive Berlin. The event will take place in the GFZK Leipzig, the 16th of may 2017.


April 28. 2017.

What a good experience: During two days, together with the students of Clemens v. Wedemeyer I tried to explore the essay as a form. Through his historic origins, picked up later on by Adorno, we focussed on day two on the video essay. Hoping to have succeeded in providing some useful information for these smart students, I already prepare myself for the third round of TEMPORAL DISORDER with Kevin B. Lee!!! <<< LINK >>>



23. 2017.

Became a member of the AG Filmwissenschaft (GfM):


April 20. 2017.

On the tracks of Adorno…: Got confirmation about my participation at the conference ThinkFilM! in Frankfurt (Goethe Universität) on July 13, 2017. Partners are:


9. 2017.


Happy to prepare the upcoming
Temporal Disorder-episode, in which we will discuss the temporal structure of linearity, which is possibly only a point of view.
Caspar Stracke's neo-psychedelic film essay presents speculative concepts like an idea of the Deleuzian philosopher Manuel DeLanda, whose book 'A thousand years of nonlinear history" has been a huge interdisziplinary success all over the sciences. redux/time/OUT OF JOINT is built in plateaus as well in an esthetic manner as a textual meaning. A movie about a reversal time understanding, which is moreover self referential in its representation. www.temporaldisorder.com


March 11. 2016.

This summer semester, I will engage myself in the genre of 'Amateur film', which is often also called 'Home movie'. Being a long time ridiculed as a kind of hobby for geeks, only practiced for passion and enjoyment but not for business, at least it is worth to reconsider this definition. Together with Prof. Christina Natlacen, I want to explore that widely unexplored and foremost underestimated field, which turned in the last years into a quite popular platform for artistic expression. LINK


January 06. 2016.

Together with Clemens von Wedemeyer, I will curate a film series called "Temporal Disorder", which is a collaboration with the GFZK Leipzig. The first screening and artist talk will take place the 11th of January with the Mexican artist/filmmaker Mauricio Guillén, who will present his 16mm-movie "Avenida Progreso“ (2012) > LINK


January 05. 2016.

The movie MADE IN ALGERIA" was selected for the renowned festival Rencontres Internationales (March 14 - 17 in Paris. Gaîté Lyrique) > LINK


December 18. 2016.

Good news: I got sponsorship for the writing of the script "Vom Versuch einer Kritik" from the "Kulturstiftung Sachsen".

November 09. 2016.

Lecture of my research project "Essayismus - ein Tool zur Kritik im Zeitalter der hybriden Bewegtbildformate" at the Institut für Kunstwissenschaft – Filmwissenschaft (IKFK / ZeMKI) in Bremen (D).

October 27. 2016.

Screening of "Made in Algeria" in Marseille. 01.11.2016. 6 pm. Friche la Belle de Mai.


October 17. 2016.

Next solo exhibition is fixed: The title "Cinéma mémoire" is a reference to the the function of remembering; thus the works are dealing with memory pictures from the past which are brought in a cinematic way into a relation to real-time processing of the affected data.


August 19. 2016.

The project website "essai-critique" is online: www.essaicritique.com. As well as general informations about the essay since its transfer into the moving image, there will be also a documentation about the emergence and progress of the movie "Vom Versuch einer Kritik". What is nowadays the significance of the essayism in regard to cinema and contemporary art? As an initial suspicion, essayism as a method can be equated to critic. Re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on thus ap­pears as the fo­cal point in which wi­de­ly di­ver­gent forms of cri­tique and their he­te­ro­ge­neous cul­tu­res lend them­sel­ves to com­pa­ra­ti­ve dis­cus­sion. That`s why the movie will explore through the (film) essay as a form those untrodden paths of a field, which overcome media forms and sciences.


June 28. 2016.

Lecture called "Essayismus - ein Tool der Kritik im Zeitalter hybrider Bewegtbildformate". hold within the collegue Kulturen der Kritik. Leuphana Universität. Lüneburg (D).

June 6. 2016.

I just finished the photo essay "Made in Algeria", which consists in frozen moving images, telling a kind of diary entry, which is written to a French-Algerian citizen.



February 29. 2016.

The cinematic essay "Drei Wege" is going to be ready pretty soon. The post production has been tough, in a way to be tricky due to its arrgangement in separated self-determinded layers.

Below, you can already enjoy some video stills:




August 13. 2015.

The Filmische Initiative (FILZ) is engaged with the coordination of the upcomping conference .move ON in Halle (D), which will take place on Ocgtober 9-11, 2015.  The European Media Art Network and The Werkleitz Center for Media Art are the hosts of the .move ON Conference, which will take place at the same time to the Werkleitz Biennale Festival in Halle. The Conference is focused on the actual transformation processes of moving images in the field of the visual arts and industry.


August 12. 2015.

Exhibition at the Spinnerei Leipzig within the famous Herbstrundgang. All members of the Filmische Initiative (FILZ) are represented with a selection of movies and videos:

Emerson Culurgioni (D)
Juliane Jaschnow (D)
Jan Keuchel (D)
Jonas Matauschek (D)
Nicolas Rossi (D/F)
Stefanie Schroeder (D)
Nick Teplow (RUS)
Clara Wieck (D)



July 01. 2015.

New Showreel, Filmische Initiative (FILZ):

June 20. 2015.

Interview /report with french televesion FRANCE 3 about the documentary project "Drei Wege" on the cemetery Montparnasse in Paris.


Mai 29. 2015.

The documentary project consist in a walk over almost 500km from France to Germany. Together with the filmmakers
Emersion Culurgioni and Jonas Matauschek, questions about filmmaking were translated in a transnational road-trip.
The project is in the state of post-production and appears end 2015. Watch the project blog: www.dreiwegederfilm.de


February 12. 2015.

FILZ- lecture/introduction in collabroation with the Cinématèque Leipzig e.V. The first film is »AriRang« from
Kim Ki-Duk. The event: 12.02.2015 cinema naTo, 7:30 p.m.


November 19. 2014.

Lecture in the context of the international PhD-track-meeting between Kulturwissenschaften und Ästhetische
Kommunikation and Médiation culturelle de l’art / Les nouveaux espaces européens et méditerranéens de l’art.


Aix Marseille Université
November 27-29, 2014

With the participation of:


November 16. 2014.

Exhibition view. too close to touch - 16.11.-30.11.2014 in Hamburg (D) – Nachtspeicher 23:


November 16. 2014.

Exhibition view (too close to touch - 16.11.-30.11.2014 in Hamburg (D) – Nachtspeicher 23:






October 10. 2014.

Upcoming exhibition:


October 02. 2014.



September 25. 2014.


Come around and enjoy with us:


Saturday, September the 27th, 2014

6 pm

Åse Ava Fredheim (songs, Oslo)
Ari Fuchs (fashion, Leipzig)
Michael Goller (painting, Chemnitz
Nicolas Rossi (installation, Leipzig)
Lucie Thorne (songs, Melbourne /w Hamish Stuart)
Peter Piek (songs und painting, Leipzig)

PPZK Leipzig
Dessauer Strasse 9a



September 10. 2014.

(…) Just to announce two upcoming lectures:

»Still the silence«, lecture, Initiative Wort und Bild, Leipzig (D) 05.10.2014

»Webdocumentaries – a new strategy of storytelling«, lecture, Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Halle (D), 25.10.2014

August 20. 2014.

The video work »Artistic soliloquy n°1: talking about film theory« will be shown this year in Leipzig and Hamburg within the exhibition »Close enough to touch«.




June 19. 2014.

New essay about the disfunction of the perception, caused by social medias : http://www.filmischeinitiative.de

May 16. 2014.

The production of an interactive documentary or simply »web documentary« called MIND MAPS INDIA had been approved with the cooperation and funding of a great partnership.  We`re glad about the chance
to realise our project, that will be presented pretty soon at this place…


May 15. 2014.

In collaboration with Nadine Neuhäuser, the video PROJEKT: HEIMAT,  as a result from a workshop with
a school class from the Falkschule Frankfurt, has attained the final round of the national competition
»Kinder zum Olymp«. Maybe we`ll manage even more… This would include a small amount of money
for the kids in order to encourage their artistic ambitions.




March 04. 2014.

The production of the video essay: »Thinking:home« is almost finished.

First video stills from »Thinking:home« :

February 25. 2014.

The film essay »The last thought before the presence« is in post production and will be presented in Marseille this year on July. More detailled informations about the premiere will be published soon. Since future - part I – the main subject includes several essays which are connected to each other by the process of converting memory pictures from the past and bring them into a relation to real-time.

First film stills from »The last thought before the presence« :



February 08. 2014.

An evergreen (recommended book to read):

« Immaterialität und Postmoderne – Warum geschieht überhaupt etwas und nicht vielmehr nichts? »

written by Bernhard Blistène, Francois Burkhardt, Giairo Daghini, Jacques Derrida, Jean-François Lyotard