January 27. 2021.

My researches lead to real mammoth project. 25 hours video footage implicated to 4 hours movie. Thus I decided to bring out three episodes with a special topic for each.


I shot the last interview with the elusive French filmmaker and researcher Chloé Galibert-Laîné, whose activities can be
hasty summarized  in experimental non-fiction essay film, videographic research and online ethnography. Due to the global situation, a online version of an interview was my choice. Even though the image and sound quality are as they are, one can say it has its own audiovisual aesthetics…


September 18. 2020.


The  essay in the context of documentary  is a widely undiscussed field of research, which some colleagues and I will transfer into a conference in 2021.  Happy to announce the start of the project pretty soon: the grants are ours !

March 02. 2020.

After the project is before the project: The cinematic part of the PhD project is almost finished, and the upcoming one is already waiting. "Optatitive"
is an interactive web documentary about emptied touristic areas in  8 countries .


May 01. 2019.

Got  grants for shooting my upcoming documentary "Le deuxième printemps/The second spring", which I will  begin this year in Algiers. This time, I will travel with a great cinematographer. Will give me some flexibility I really missed recently. The script development is almost finished.


April 26. 2019.

Just filmed my interview with the great writer and filmmaker Eduard Schreiber. He is the first and last essay filmmaker from the GDR. Together with his wife Regine Kühn, he also realised the film "The dream of Trotzky", in which both analyse the beginning of psychoanalysis in Russia. It is a documentation about the role Leo Trotzky's in that, and further,   a story about the student of Carl-Gustav Jung  Sabina Spielrein, which was killed by the Nazis. Great movie!


February 24. 2019.

Preparing a lecture in Russia - the abstract:

Considering recent online activities such as video essays, predominantly introduced by the filmmaker and professional cutter Kevin B. Lee, which are related to the essay film or at least use the essayism as a method of audiovisual expression, the virtual desk or rather the desktop, became a geographical venue for artistic and intellectual reflection. In the tradition of the hybrid documentary and essay film, the physical desk has always been this place of examination. The audiovisual lecture will illuminate the desk as a dispositive for intensified contemplation, and further, try to carve out specifics in relation to the dramaturgy.

February 23. 2019. Interview online on denkzeit.net about Made in Algeria. Click January 19. 2019. Deep in the jungle of research. Regarding the essayism and the criticism, how to compare the relation or ratio of analytical potential and progress? There is a need of a new definition of linearity in the age of hybrid moving images, I guess… October 06. 2018. Got an sound interview with Norbert Möslang, the sound artist of many films from Peter Liechti. This interview form was created for my upcoming film. The interview as a practice of acquisition of knowledge, will be questioned and defragmented. July 30. 2018.
Some impressions of the post production of my new film, which is in fact a real time production due to its essayistic and organic format.
July 24. 2018. Great shooting with Gerd Roscher in Odderade. This 68 influenced filmmaker and former student of Adorno and Horkheimer, has an incredible aura and a lot of to say. Happy to have had a perfect discussion within my upcoming film "The Essay".

June 03. 2018. Preparation for the 32. Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftliches Kolloquium (FFK) in Potsdam begins, a colloquium for the latest researches and results in film studies. Together with fabulous fellow members including Frédérique Dubois (www.netzdoku.org), we will try to reflect about a new and extended understanding of cinematic and artistic liberty in interaction with scientific procedures. April 24. 2018.

February 02. 2018.
I am part of the selection committee of the film festival "kurzsüchtig".

January 09. 2018.
Workshop / Film festival  BLICKE ? REGIME An event within the frame of the project
Cultural Memory in the Present 17. 01. 2018 Luru Kino 4 pm Spinnereistrasse 77  04179 Leipzig (D) 4 pm  HABITAT (2016) 1h 19 Min. Emerson Culurgioni and Jonas Matauschek 5:30 pm  SEEFEUER (2016) 1h 54 Min. Gianfranco Rosi 7 pm LES SAUTEURS – THOSE WHO JUMP(2016) 1h 22 Min. Abou Bakar Sidibé, Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner 9 pm Talk with Emerson Culurgioni and Jonas Matauschek (Directors Habitat) xwConception & presentation: Nicolas Rossi


"Habitat", Emerson Culurgioni & Jonas Matauschek, 2017

08. 2018.


© Nils Klinger, VG-Bildkunst/Bonn, 2017

Lecture & Artist Talk / Angela Melitopoulos
Cartography and cinematic narratives
Temporal Disorder
08. 01. 2018
GfZK Leipzig (Auditorium)
Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11 04107 Leipzig (D)

October 30. 2017.

Happy to get a scholarship from the Kulturstiftung Sachsen for 2018. And the best comes here: Four of six scholarships were given to members of FILZ (Stephanie Schroeder, Emerson Culurgioni and Nick Teplov)!!!

Continuing the next temporal disorder-episodes, Clemens v. Wedemeyer and me invite the artists Alex Gerbaulet and Johannes Gierlinger, both young essay film makers. >>> LINK September 14. 2017. Finally, our documentary Three paths is finished: what a huge work! Synopsis… LINK
June 16. 2017. MADE IN ALGERIA is short listed for the DOK Leipzig: good flow ! June 14. 2017.  

June 01. 2017.

Upcoming festival screening of MADE IN ALGERIA (LINK): Les rencontres internationales Berlin, June 13-18, Haus der Kulturen der Welt >>>

May 16. 2017.